Fame The Musical - Australia Tour 2010

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Tyrone Jackson

“Timomatic” reached the Top 8 in So You Think You Can Dance, Australia 2009.

This was quickly followed by a sellout national tour and demand from all areas of the entertainment industry.

He is currently being developed as a solo recording artist and intends to release in 2010. Tim Omaji (aka Timomatic) immigrated to Australia at 10 months old from Nigeria, West Africa. His father was an academic and thus Tim was raised in various cities around Australia as his father was placed at Universities in Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Melbourne and Sydney.

He began dancing at the age of 11; studying hip hop and spending time with local break-dancers in each city. At 14, inspired by Michael Jackson’s Black and White, he commenced studying singing at The Parkway Church in Canberra. At age 16, Timomatic debuted in a semi professional production “IGNITE” with the Tracks Dance Company.

After spending six months at University studying Psychology and Management, Timomatic decided to follow his true passions. He has since studied for a Diploma in Entertainment with a major in vocals with JMC Academy.

At age 17 to 20 he acted as artistic director for the hip hop dance company “Kulture Break” based in Canberra, performing in Singapore, China, USA as well as touring nationally.

Tim was the Winner of the 2005 Battlegrounds National Hip-Hop Competition and is basically a self-taught hip-hopper. His favoured style is popping. He also has an amazing voice………….. !