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Three Dimensions of Love, CD Launch

Melbourne-based jazz vocalist, Julie Bailey, sings to us from a soulful placeā€¦ telling stories from a 'lived life'. Three Dimensions of Love, her debut album, produced by jazz great, Bob Sedergreen, will be launched at Melbourne's Ruby's Music Room, on Sunday the 14th of July 2013. Find out more

'REG-FEST' at the Cab Fest

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival payed tribute to Reg Livermore in June with a new show Tommy Bradson's - REG. He was also the subject of an exhibition of his career, as well as awarded the first 'Cabaret Icon Award'. Full story here


Paramount Graphics re-launched itself in March 2013 with a new look website. After its original launch in 2007, Paramount Graphics has become a leading player in web and graphic design. Sign up below to keep in touch with Paramount.


Maison Francaise has recently re-opened its doors, with a new name, new look and new website. Having established their first store in Double Bay in 1983, the Milnes of Maison Francaise who still provide the Les Olivades stocklist give a unique shopping experience -


Lotje Meijers exhibition of new works was shown at Maunsell Wickes at Barry Stern Galleries in Paddington NSW from April 26 until May 16. For more info on Lotje, visit


Marina Prior, Australia's leading lady of musical theatre is touring. CDP Theatre Producers is presenting An Intimate Evening with Marina Prior around Australia in from April to August in 2013 following the release of her latest 'Marina'.

Knight Bailey website launched

Sydney based real estate agency Knight Bailey has come into the real estate fold having recently launched its new Paramount Graphics website to the public. We wish Knight Bailey all success for a long and prosperous future. Visit the Knight Bailey website


The CDP production Souvenir recently opened in Melbourne and Sydney played to critical acclaim. It starred Helen Noonan as Florence Foster Jenkins and Stephen McIntyre as Cosme McMoon. Find our more